Multi Level Mountain House in Mexico

Located at Santa Anita Golf Club in Mexico, the Mountain House is a family home designed by Agraz Arquitectos. The name not only reflects the landscape, but references the immense challenge this project presented to its architects.

Emerging from the mountain like a Bond villain’s house, the structure climbs over four platforms. The bedrooms located on the top floor enjoy the most spectacular views, due to the buildings location on the highest peak of La Primavera Forest, in the last terrain of the Santa Anita suburb. The exploded four level plan called for a connecting element, so the architects designed a continuous staircase throughout the floors. This may threaten quite a climb when you arrive at your car to realize you have left your keys on the bedside cabinet, but fear not, a diagonal elevator has been installed to whisk you over the distance.

Nestled in the rock at the heart of the house, a wine cellar maintains perfectly controlled temperature, humidity and light levels. Complete with wine bar, this room leads off to the dining and living space via retractile doors. The social area transforms when an entire wall of glass doors are drawn back to connect with patio areas, making the inside an outdoor space, allowing the seasons to decorate.

We think that the clean, contemporary lines achieved on this vast, sloping plot made Agraz Arquitectos worthy winners of the National Academy of Architecture silver medal for Architectural Quality of the Project. They definitely conquered the mountain!

The benefits of having interior paint for your home made by a professional

Painting the interior of your home can be very delicate. It's easy to simply apply paint to the walls with a brush and a roller. What is difficult is to paint the interior details of your home, such as moldings, recessed ceilings and so on. This can be a bit difficult to do and it requires a certain level of skill and expertise to be able to do it properly.

The advantage of having the interior of your home painted by a professional is that a professional painter has the skills and know-how to give your interior an exceptional appearance. A sloppy paint job of your home will not help make your home look better. Whatever the elegant design of your home, if the paint job is poorly done, it will still fail to impress your guests. It will be such a waste of a beautifully designed home if the interior is not as well painted.

A professional painter has all the equipment necessary to do his job well. They have paint sprays, rolls of different sizes and brushes that help them do their jobs faster and more efficiently. It is very important that the painting work be done more quickly because you can finally enjoy your home without the furniture covered with white and protective mats on the ground. There is no need for the painting team to come in and out of your house all day. The sooner they can do the job, the better it will be for you to start enjoying your beautifully painted home.

Painting inside your home is not easy. You must be very careful not to apply paint to floors and furniture. This is one of the reasons why you need a professional painter to paint the interior of your home. They possess the expertise gained over many years of experience in painting homes to be able to do the job well. They know how to make the necessary preparations to protect your home before you start painting. They will have protective covers and plastic coverings to prevent your carpet and furniture from being painted. Cleaning is also a tedious task when painting your home. A professional painter can do the cleaning in no time. It also takes less cleaning, as a professional painter will have little or no damage to clean. There will be no drops of paint on the floor or handprints on the walls.

Interior design considerations for the modern home

The design and basic structure of modern houses and apartments vary, but they share a common space, a limited space. The typical concept of what a typical house has evolved since. Henceforth, when we think of a house, we do not only see in our minds the traditional idea of ​​a spacious house where each occupant has his own room. In urban centers, dwellings are two- or three-room apartments in which children share a room or dwellings in high-rise buildings with gardens and green spaces suitable for recreation.

General considerations

When designing a home, it is important to consider longevity, whether it will withstand the test of time. Some of the factors to consider are the quality of materials used, the overall design and location. While it is tempting to follow the prevailing trends, one must be cautious. Some trends become easily obsolete. In addition, it is also important to maximize the interior space and provide opportunities for future expansion.

Personalization is another important consideration. Rather than opting for ready-made cabinets that take up too much space, creating custom storage shelves and storage spaces will not only save a lot of square feet, but will also give greater flexibility in the interior. Creating more storage, since it can be crowded out of the current available space, also increases the overall value of the property.

The choice of color is another fundamental factor to consider, especially if it is planned to sell the property in the future. Bright colors can turn heads, but neutral colors appeal to potential buyers. In the current market, neutral paint houses have a relatively higher resale value.

Interwoven living and sleeping spaces

Due to space constraints, one of the biggest challenges for interior designers is to provide solutions for studios and units where the living and sleeping areas are closely related. Since the space does not allow the addition of additional walls, designers have to take up the challenge of providing occupants with a private space while allocating a space to receive visitors. In order to provide the occupants with a space that is both comfortable and functional, interior designers face the challenge of choosing design elements and furnishings that allow residents to move and operate in a transparent manner, taking into account overlapping spaces.

Natural light

The use of natural light is perhaps one of the most important considerations in modern homes. A home that highlights natural light is generally perceived as having positive attributes. In addition to certain building specifications that optimize outdoor light entry, some interior design solutions make better use of natural light than others.

Interior gardens

Finally, modern homes located in the busiest urban areas can still be transformed into paradises of comfort, calm and relaxation with some interior modifications to maintain a sustainable interior garden. In the hands of a competent interior decorator, the outdoor spaces with healthy vegetation can also be seamlessly mixed inside the house.

Dream Home Interiors by Open Design

We here at Home Designing are awestruck seeing the work of this Vietnam based firm, Open Design; seriously, this is the stuff dreams are made of. They hit the wow button every single time, creating chic spaces that ooze luxury with rich wooden floors, super glossy wall paneling, and lights dripping with sparkle. The sleek expanses of contemporary wood grain work as an effective device to bring in the large open plan spaces, attaining a sense of coziness from natural colors and textures, whilst positively screaming glamour. Decadent fabrics and Barcelona chairs let you know that no expense is spared, and art is always a grand affair with huge paintings and prints forming focal points.

A golden spa experience sees a climb of candle lit steps from bed to tub, encapsulated by floor to ceiling lustrous tiles, where neat nooks cradle smart accessories and conjure architectural interest. Stepping stones over a bed of pebbles create an indoor zen garden, where the contrast of texture against sleek tile makes a simple pebble look precious.

The finishing glow on these interiors is polished by magical lighting plans. Recessed ceilings conceal rope lighting to create a warm glow around the perimeter of the rooms, with neat formations of recessed cans for brightness, and the more lavish luminaries for twinkle, lighting serves two key purposes: illumination and atmosphere. In any light, these designs are simply stunning.

Interior design ideas for modern homes

Interior design is the most interesting concept that makes homeowners and homebuilders happy. If you like playing with the floors, the ceilings, the kitchen, the laundry, the furniture and the spaces, the interior decoration is made for you. Today, it has revolutionized a lot and homeowners with builders are designing innovative and creative marble interiors. They are constantly using marble products for more efficiency and beauty.

The great thing about designing marble interiors is that you do not necessarily have a thorough knowledge about it. Home builders give great ideas for changing your interiors and applying marble. This gives a truly modern look to homes and gives them more value. Modern home builders also help you choose the best place to apply marble stone.

Nowadays, one of the best ways to design interiors is to use marble products. The marble interiors are beautiful and redefines its value. One can have almost unlimited drawings through marble stones. It simply offers a wide variety of opportunities to create new interior designs. More homes use soft marble stone for their balustrades, statues, stairs and medallions. Being beautiful in appearance, it is modestly used in countertops, vanity tops and statues.

Today, interior designers and builders use marble stone to revitalize traditional and old homes. They conclude their interior design projects with marble flooring. In fact, it is the most unique feature of modern homes. They also use a wide variety of marble products for a striking appearance and aesthetic appeal.

Kitchen and bathroom interior ideas

Kitchen and bathroom interiors form the major part of any facelift project. These are the main areas of a home that need to be addressed first. Granite and marble can add extra appeal to the kitchen and bathroom. One of the most vital uses of marble is that counters can be installed in the kitchen and bathroom. It offers exceptional beauty and magical durability. Sinks and marble flooring are additional components that add uncompromising beauty to kitchen and bathroom interiors.

Today, marble interiors are becoming very popular among modern home builders, homeowners and architects. In fact, manufacturers also offer high quality marble products for homeowners. To meet the growing demands of interior designs, architecture experts and architects are now integrating beautiful marble products into their design strategies. Manufacturers also offer different types of products for commercial and residential applications.

Inspirational Outdoor Spaces

Bimonthly online magazine, Lonny, is a superb source of style for interior design enthusiasts and fashionistas alike. Founded by designer Michelle Adams and photographer Patrick Cline, Lonny features great images to inspire our outdoor spaces, whether we have sunny roof terraces, leafy lairs, prim patios, or are dreaming of a poolside paradise.

Create levels in your garden by adding a pergola, not only do they look pretty, but they can create much needed shade in a south facing garden. For gardens on a larger scale, go for a cabana that will provide both shade from the sun, and a barrier from the wind in more open spaces. Try hanging pretty colored lanterns from your structure, they will take your outdoor entertaining area all the way through from daytime dining, to drinks after dark. Keep seating comfortable with seat pads and cushions, your guests will stay longer!

Why hire an interior designer

1. This saves money and time:

Although this is strange, hiring an interior designer would actually save you money. This saves you from costly design mistakes.

Budgeting and Planning: A designer establishes budgeting and spares you your efforts and time. Be clear in your budget and trust the designer to get the most out of your budget. The designer will save you from paying too much for something you would have had at half the price you paid.

Increasing Sales or Resale Value: Hiring a designer helps you increase the sales or resale value of your home.

Save time: Even if you think you can decorate your home yourself, do not forget that you have to cope with the limited free time you have. Everything will be done faster and you will have less headache if you hire a professional.

2 Professional evaluation is better:

It is said that "incredible design does not happen by chance." You need a professional if you want a quality job.

A professional designer would have a solid action plan that would help you spend effectively. Trained eyes can help you avoid some common mistakes and may notice some of the details you have overlooked. Some details must be verified by an expert. For example, the furniture in the living room must be symmetrical, the coffee table must have the right size, the carpet flooring must be suitable, the art on the left must match the doors on the right. "Harmony is beauty", when it comes to interiors and designers know how to make things aesthetically appealing.

Hiring a professional would not only ensure that your decor is devoid of ambience, but also that your house is complaining of "vaastu". If you are a believer, this would be of importance and it would also contribute to the addition of resale. Ordering incorrect sizes, hiring random electricians who are unfamiliar with current trends, choosing indifferent wall colors, buying poorly fitting furniture are some of the common costly mistakes that can be avoided by appealing to customers. professional help.

DIY or "do it yourself" is a Western trend. But when it comes to redeveloping your home, it is always better to hire a professional, because you could end up paying more to repair things that you falsely broke. This is especially true if you plan to move walls.

3 Get the link:

A designer is the bridge between you and your architect or construction contractor. It is so important to meet lighting and furnishing needs before construction. For example, the sofa in your living room should be properly lit and matched with the tiles. The designer can better coordinate his activities with the sub-departments of the construction team.

When you are renovating for the first time, you want someone to fight for you. Dealing with contractors and their team can be quite challenging. It's really good to have a middle man. Customers are usually very friendly and are reluctant to ask for more than what they receive. Designers can fill this gap.

4 Best contacts:

Relationships are something that we develop over time. This can not be brought. Hiring an interior architect will indirectly link your project to all his professional contacts and this will bring a lot of qualified people to your project.

A designer knows exactly where to find resources. If he does not do it, he will do the research for you. It is better to delegate.

5 The third referee:

Let's face it! You, your spouse and other family members will have different opinions about the inside of the houses. In order to make important decisions, it is best to use a third party who is a professional in this area.

6 Incredible finish and artistic look:

The hiring of a designer will bring the "wow factor" to your project. They usually think off the beaten path, in space, and always keep the big picture in mind. They are supposed to artistically enhance the space and quality of your life in this space. Good designers do not usually disappoint you. They convert your house into a house!

Creativity: The most difficult thing to do when decorating a space is to associate everything. If you do not want to let go of items inside your house, it can be problematic to insert it into a new space. An interior architect has many tips and it is your best bet to solve these challenges.

7. The personal touch:

You want a designer who understands your personality. The rule of thumb is not to hire a designer! You have to meet him for lunch or so and see how you get along. They must design the space according to your personality. When choosing a design, share as much information as possible so that the designer has his point of view.

Please follow the steps above to choose the best interior designers.

Winter House

Based on the Casa Codina house by A4 Estudio, the Winter House visualized by Black Haus is depicted in a perfect snow covered dream. The landscape was designed to create maximum contrast between the icy outdoors and the warmth of the lit interior. With the cognitive sensation of tingling noses and fingertips ignited, as our eyes reached the warm light box of color amidst the bleak landscape, we’d say they achieved their objective.

The actual Casa Codina house is situated in the city of Mendoza, Argentina, where the inhabitants enjoy a typically continental climate. In fact, the Latin American house was designed to utilize good weather conditions for a greener way of living. The courtyard that forms the centre of the structure was designed for environmental benefits in the interior spaces of the house that surround the garden perimeter. With all of this in mind, placing a home of this style onto a stark snowy landscape somehow just works. Imagine turning those lights down low, warming your hands around a mug of cocoa and watching the snow fall… bliss.

Some new ideas to decorate your home with wooden crafts

When decorating your home, you can not go wrong choosing wood crafts to get an earthy, realistic, rustic or traditional look. Versatile material, wood has been used for centuries to make many items, including interior decoration. Wooden craft items always have their charm and value, especially when they are made with high quality durable wood and treated with proven preservation methods to resist rot and damage and extend the life of the product. Much of the highest quality wooden craftsmanship is traditionally crafted by talented artisans using hand-carving methods handed down from generation to generation. Here are some ideas to help you decorate your home with their creations:

• Candlesticks – Wooden candlesticks can be the centerpieces of your dinner table or additional decor in your living room and bedroom. Their sizes range from those with tall, regular candles to Tea Light candle holders, which add an elegant and sophisticated touch to your interior décor. Some of the highest quality candlesticks are made of natural wood inlaid with a sheet of metal and brass wire for a contemporary twist.

• Wooden lamps – There are many types of lamps and wooden lighting fixtures. So you should be able to find the best products that fit in perfectly with the interior design of your home. Suspensions can perfectly highlight a space or area of ​​a room by providing ambient lighting. Look for one that can add a touch of elegance to your home and gracefully enrich your environment. Consider using 3 to 5 W LED bulbs for ambient lighting.

• Decorative Wood Trays – Place them on your dinner table or as a set on your coffee table and coffee table. Add sweets, flower petals or potpourri or use them to serve dry snacks, such as cookies and cookies. Whatever the purpose of your use for wooden candy trays, you can be sure that they can add a special and sophisticated touch to your table layout.

• Wooden Coasters – High quality wooden coasters are perfect for protecting your table and table runners, while ensuring that you can serve drinks in an elegant way. They come in different forms, ranging from square and round shapes to special shapes, such as the shape of the fish.

• Fruit Cups – A wooden fruit cup is a timeless table centerpiece that suits all interiors. Just make sure you fill it with fresh fruit to make it more attractive.

Tips to follow when hiring an interior designer for your home

The hiring of an interior designer becomes necessary when spaces start to be jaded and boring. You have an expert on board who hopes to manage the spaces, beautify the appearance of the rooms and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the interiors.

But yes, you must first choose the right designer with knowledge of the field and experience of different types of houses and architecture. Since you are going to invest money in improving the visual appeal of interiors, you must be sure to hire the right person for the job. That's why; It makes sense to follow certain steps and ensure smooth recruitment and fewer mistakes along the way.

Here are some tips to follow when hiring an interior designer –

Identify your style

First of all, you need to identify your style in order to know exactly what you need. You must be sure of what you want to transform and the changes you want in the interiors. Without knowing your styles and your personal tastes, you will certainly not be able to choose the right designer. Even expert designers will need to know your preferences and tastes to keep the promises and expectations.

Check out portfolios to learn more about designers

Once you have identified your styles and requirements, you can consult the portfolios of the interior architects to find the ideal solution for your project. Before hiring someone, you must know their work and their background; you must evaluate what they have created to be sure of their identifying information. This could also give some extra ideas on your interiors and you can even increase the expectations a bit more.

Know your budget and the designers' expenses

It is very important to know your budget before you hire to hire an interior design expert. It is only then that you will be able to hire someone whose expenses match your budget. You should know that fees can be fixed or hourly, depending on how you hire. So you can hire a good person so that the interior is perfectly designed.

Set up a meeting with the designers

With all the other things set and tuned, it's time to organize a meeting with the designers and find the one that suits. The meeting should be a platform to discuss everything related to project management, deadlines, cost overruns, etc., so that you can be sure of what lies ahead. You can either meet in person or contact by phone to start the interior design work.

Clear all your doubts

After the meeting, we can expect all the doubts to disappear and to leave you the necessary clarity regarding the hiring of the designer. From cost to duration, through services and finishes, you must be sure of everything while asking many questions to the designer. With all the details noted on the paper, you are the least likely to miss something in terms of asking the designer.

Watch to be on the same page

Before using an interior designer, you would both want to be on the same page in terms of styles, details and details of the work. You may have some reservations about some aspects of the designer, but the need for the time is to be a little open minded and accommodating. You do not need to consent to all the ideas of the designer and you should not allow him to force you to design your designs. But yes, you can not ignore all their suggestions.

Compare the notes and find the best option

After meeting the designers, you will be able to compare notes by matching your requirements to those offered by experts. It would be a mistake to prefer a cheaper option in the hope that it will provide excellent results, which is not always the case. You should instead call on a designer who easily ticks most boxes.

Sign a contract

Finally, you can sign a contract and start work in a timely manner. The contract must contain all details concerning the schedule, budget, works, services and responsibilities of both parties. After all, you can start the interior design work based on the plan in min.