(Apartment) Interior Design – Attractive Apartment Decor with Cute Wall Exploration by UdA

 Here are attractive apartment decor with cute wall exploration by UdA. Apartments which is located in Paris was the result of UdA or Ufficio in Architettura creations who collaborate with Rho HeyMin and Francesca Diano. Apartments with an area of ​​60 square meters has a very creative and charming decor. The color combination of furniture and the use of warm wood floors make this apartment interior design more interesting. One of the interesting parts of this apartment interior decor is an attractive wall. Some of the side walls deliberately abstract artistic motifs with striking red color, while on the other hand purposely made plain to offset appearance. In the living room, the walls are made plain shades, but the game featured motifs and colors of furniture is tosca’s sofa and placement of a beautiful carpet. Wall in another room accidentally given a plain white, but he was not left empty but instead added a variety of images as ornaments, creative and awesome! if you get bored with the monotony of decorating your apartment, you can try to apply these creative ideas on your own.

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