Stylish Kitchen with Classical Design by Joan Nemirow

 Here are stylish kitchen with classical design by Joan Nemirow. This unique kitchen deliberately made ​​in the style of 18th and 19th century. The designer inspired concept and design of the Passage Verdeau in Paris and the British Museum in London. This kitchen is so beautiful and charming look with classic style. Cabinet is dominated by white, and color of the wood elements are deliberately highlighted to make this kitchen a unique work of art. Several other supporting elements such as lamps and other furniture made ​​from steel and copper complement the exoticism of the room. Adjusted color of wood floors with a kitchen set that is strong and smooth dark brown. Black color is applied to the stove area. This strong color adds a classic addition also gives the impression of powerful and important area for the kitchen itself. On the other hand, the designers also seeks to bring modern impression to the room look stylish designs are timeless. Namely, with fixed seats and presenting ultramodern equipment. Thus, the kitchen is not only look beautiful and unique but also remain functional. Hopefully, this unique and classic traditional kitchen can inspire you.

Luxurious Home Design with Beautiful Lake and Pine Forests View – Buisson Residence

Here are luxurious home design with beautiful lake and pine Forests view – Buisson Residence. Houses the work of architect Robert M. Gurney known as Buisson Residence. With very strategic location, an appropriate place in Virginia that overlooking the Anna lake and surrounded by pine forests. You have to travel down the winding and pine forests of this world to find this paradise. House with white paint and the lights from inside the warm house are very compatible with the silence of the home environment. This L-shaped house is also used as one element mahogany walls makers. This makes the house look more integrated with nature. Although the design of the main concepts of the house looks modern, yet blend with nature and the environment remain unnoticed. Use of wide glass window in addition to functioning as a regulator of light also to frame the beautiful scenery outside. Landscape of the south side of the lake that looks stunning successfully captured by this Buisson residence. Some walls and a modern house exterior is covered with copper to strengthen the use of large glass. The architect also carefully take into account the anticipated excessive heat in summer but allow sunlight can still get into during the winter. He also deliberately designed the use of sloping roofs and walls that are useful to deflect the north wind and the water dripping from the storm. Both exterior and interior of the house taken into account and well laid out so the house looks perfect. This comfortable residence with incredible scenery can pamper you throughout the year. This house can be a source of inspiration for those of you who like modern home design but still want friendly and blend with the natural environment looks.

Cool and Unusual Desert Home Design Ideas by Studio Aiko

 Here the cool and unusual desert home design ideas by Studio Aiko. Oasis in the desert is usually a lake or a fertile area with abundant water. But this oasis are different with another oasis and that is a beautiful mansion in the middle of the desert. An unusual house designed by Aiko studio is really in the middle of the desert. This unique house was so fantastic because the location is not usual. Even so, the overall design with a charming home made. Even the desert house is also equipped with a swimming pool, fireplace, and attractive decor. Some portions of the house looks in a modern design with brightly colored furniture selection, while other parts, classic and soft color blends with the desert rocks and walls outside the house. If you want to try the exciting new experiences, try to stay a few days in this desert home. Feel the sensation of living in the desert with luxury

Modern Japanese Kitchens

There’s something to be said about these Japanese kitchens – they are sleek, modern, captivating, and makes quite the dynamic statement. You cannot pin them to a particular mood or tone – they can be warm and cozy or cool and clean. But one popular idea most Japanese kitchens seem to subscribe to is to bring people together, to create a space that can be lived in – a space that incorporates cooking, eating, and relaxing all together. Essentially, a place one would enjoy spending a lot of time in with friends and family – laughing, sharing stories and recipes with, and enjoying the company of each other in a comfortable and inviting room. The designs from ToyoKitchen show all aspects of traditional design though in quite modern settings. Their designs include warm tones with wood flooring and cabinetry and also cooler tones with stainless steel countertops and appliances. One consistent theme you will notice is straight lines – from the cabinetry and flooring to the lighting and seating areas you will see a continuity of simple lines. It is the clean lines and minimalist approach that makes Japanese kitchen design stand out and keeps families cooking, eating, and loving every moment they spend in their beautifully designed rooms.

Simple and Easy Ways to Welcome Halloween

 Here the simple and easy ways to welcome Halloween. If you want to enliven Halloween but do not want to be bothered, some of these small items can be an alternative. By adding some detail accents and nuances of spooky but interesting stuff, you can bring joy and celebrate Halloween with the family at home. Some of this stuff you’ve probably met, but by putting a little creativity and imagination, Halloween will be more unique feel. Of which there is little ghosts hanging lamp trimmer. You can add a chandelier hanging in the living room or dining room. In magic, Halloween nuances will come to your room. Or you can also add the idea of ​​flying bats at the entrance of your home. This unique craft will welcome your guests with spooky and charming impression. Make sure your home and decorate your room with a unique Halloween-themed decorations and attractive for Halloween this year more exciting and memorable.

Modern Tropical Home Design Ideas – an Awesome Dream House in Indonesia

Here the modern tropical home design ideas – an awesome dream house in Indonesia. This comfort and beautiful modern residence design is located in the area of Alam Sutra Residence, Tangerang, Indonesia. Wahana Cipta Selaras succeeded in creating such a charming tropical house. Tropical nuances raised by the use of natural elements and arrangement of beautiful land. While the overall design concept of the modern and luxurious. Inside the interior of the house; livingroom, dinningroom, and pantry are opens in the same room. This arrangement gives the effect of extensive decoration and gives leeway on air circulation flow. Details of this house as a whole highlight the impression of an elegant, beautiful, simple, and modern. Stairs that made from wood with a glass barrier looks unique connecting room between floors. From the outside, the house look warm and very tropical impressed, while inside, you’ll find stunning simple home with modern sensation. This is a really beautiful dream home!

The New Stuttgart City Library

How often do you read? Of course, we’re not talking about our articles, because we are sure you love to go through those, we are talking about physical(read non electronic) books. Books you can lend from a library, take home, snuggle in a warm blanket and lose yourself in some quality spent time with your book. Well, no matter how much you read, we are sure you would read a lot more if you had a library like this in your city. Stuttgart City Library just opened it’s doors last week, and caused a lot of hype – not only amongst those avid book lovers from Stuttgart, but also amongst ones who love architecture and design. You see, this library isn’t the average public building you come across everyday.


Designed by architect Eun Young Yi, this city library looks like a complicated two color Rubik’s cube puzzle from the outside! But step in and you will be surprised at its simplicity.


Creative Wall Tiles From Japan

Japanese company INAX has come up with some wonderful tiling options. Dent Cube, first presented at Cersaie 2011 in Bologna, is a three-dimensional porcelain stoneware cladding that can be used to create indented pattern walls. Its design is interesting, because it produces a mixture of geometric structures and colours, that can bring a harmonious twist to a space, either outdoors or indoors. The indented patterns can be filled with different coloured glass, wood or other materials, as required. This can create a certain rhythm that is eye-catching. The Dent Cube is part of a broader concept named Nagomi(stands for inner peace and serenity) and was designed by architect Teruo Yasuda.