Bright and Awesome Digital Wallpaper – An Easy Way to Make the Room Looks Alive

 Here are bright and awesome digital wallpaper – an easy way to make the room looks alive. There are easy and interesting way to make your interiors more lively and interesting. Stemik Living presenting digital wallpaper with bright and cool images. Now, the empty walls of your house that boring can be converted into more colorful and attractive. You only have to choose images that match your interests and concept design of the room. For example a picture of fruit for the kitchen and dining room, views to the living room, and drawing favorite characters to your kids room. Imagination and let your eyes be spoiled by the presence of this digital wallpaper. The bright colors and pictures as well as exceptional details will be amaze you at first sight.

Cute Morpheo Crystal Candlesticks for Romatic Dinning

Here are cute Morpheo crystal candlesticks for romatic dinning. Enjoy dinner with a loved one with the dim candle light accompanied by sound quite so romantic. If you want to bring the romantic impression, the wax crystals Morpheo will be very suitable for you. This candlestick is composed of several modular components can be modified into a unique candle holder. Simply slide the bottom of the rod, you can arrange this candlestick after taste. Which makes it even more interesting, is a brilliant crystal. These romantic and beautiful candlestick is available in two variants namely the translucent color modes and color. Make sure your dining room decor with the beautiful Morpheo crystal candlestick this, prove it!

Functional Home Decor – Fresh Ideas Utilization of Empty Space Under The Stairs

 Here are functional home decor – fresh ideas utilization of empty space under the stairs. One empty corner in the house is a space under the stairs. Empty space under the stairs is often used as storage space or warehouse. When in fact this empty space can be utilized as a multi-functional space, not only as a place to store, but can also be used as a sweetener in home decor. By utilizing the space under the stairs with a good, interior decoration of your dwelling will be more sweet and interesting. You can take advantage of this empty space by making small shelves to store books, decorative shelves, and the reading room. Definite, adjust the utilization of space with the interests and needs. Thus, the house will be a source of inspiration more comfortable and enjoyable.

Unusual Summer House Ideas- Beautiful Mountain Home in Colorado

 Here are unusual summer house ideas- beautiful mountain home in Colorado. Spent the summer holidays by visiting second homes are common and enjoyable. You can spend your free time to relax and enjoy the warm summer air. This summer holidays are often spent at the villa or a house near the beach so that summer breeze can be felt. But things are different and unique it was chosen by the couple who built his summer home on the mountain. A crowded places that usually just used for skiing. Intended the homeowners own second homes are spacious with beautiful views of mountains and blue sky. These demands make the VAG, Inc.., Architects & Planners and Worth Interiors have to think hard to realize the client’s wishes. Is also interesting, homeowners want a typical mountain home design with accents of wood and stone are arranged neatly. On the inside of the interior of the house, warm, cozy, and charming feel are so pronounced. Judge Brian really the architect has presented a summer dream house with different shades in the middle of the mountains. look at the overall aesthetic design of this mountain home, you definitely will not regret to spending the summer in a house like this.

Comfortable Home with Sweet and Pleasant Concept Design in London

 Here the comfortable home with sweet and pleasant concept design in London. This Millbrae Residence is located in north-west London. This house has a contemporary design with a touch of beauty in every corner of the decor. Views of the beautiful gardens and pools are convenient to the entrance of this lovable home. Comfortable dwelling that consists of two levels are connected by a staircase with an elegant glass side. The family room and dining room design are looks lovely and fresh with lighting harness sunlight from outside. Room design while children and adults adjusted with the character of its inhabitants, very chic and sweet. This house also comes with cool toska themed home theater. From the outside, the use of wood themed walls make the house blend with the environment very well. Overall, the house is so creative and beautiful but still comfortable and lovable place to live in.

Wonderful Villa with Antique Design to Spend A Perfect Holiday

 Here are wonderful villa with antique design to spend a perfect holiday. This cool residence are located on the hill Umbria and Tuscany, Italy. Beautiful scenery and comfortable surroundings hills blend harmoniously with antique house concept. Both exterior and interior design villa Casali di Monticchio nuanced italy is entirely classical. Floors and walls of stone the more accentuated the past. This design will be very suitable for those of you who want to spend a holiday by enjoying the atmosphere of a classic in the countryside. Design and style of this classic villa will enhance your vacation. This villa also features a romantic dinner table decorations outdoor, fun pool, beautiful gardens, library, and billiard room.

Stylish Home with Simply and Contemporary Concept Design by Buchanan Architecture

 Here the stylish home with simply and contemporary concept design by Buchanan Architecture. House that located in Dallas, United States is a cursory look like a regular house. But when considered more carefully and look at the overall design of the house, you will believe that this house is very beautiful and stylish. This contemporary style home utilizing the beautiful scenery around very well. Part of the house facing east intentionally made ​​brighter and more spacious to make room for sunrise views. While the western part of the home sites surrounded by leafy trees that provide shade and beautiful impression. The front of the house are made available through a hanging bridge over the pond. This idea gives the feel natural and comfortable since the beginning of entering the building. While the room in the house is limited by the cabinet, and not walls in general. The dining room and kitchen area directly adjacent to the garden green and pretty neat. Manufacture of made ​​elongated pond and fountains at some point the pool gives the feel relaxed and lovable.

Tasteful Living Spaces

We’ve encountered these wonderful images on Viz-Art blog, written by a Russian architect named Artem Evstigneev (Artem just popped in by the comments, so we now know his real name!). The style of his interior designing is quite recognizable – even after only glancing over a few of the pictures, you begin to see the pattern of his work. Not in a way that he repeats himself, of course, it’s just as if he has a theme which he profoundly pulls through each of his works seen on these photos.

He has created warm spaces with lots of light that ooze with luxury. In the first series of photos, the living area is combined with the kitchen and dining area, but in a way that none of the mentioned areas conflict. Considering the fact that the room is elongated, narrow, with not much width, it is equally divided into three sections – the kichen/dining area, media area and reading area.

Jaw-droppingly Gorgeous Bathrooms That Combine Vintage With Modern

When it comes to combining vintage and modern, that’s a job that is quite tricky if you’re not a genuine professional. It can look abruptly put together, and even clashing. But it seems to us that this designer passed yet another test – just look what she did with this warm, luxurious bathroom which combines modern furniture in a strong colour, with strong patterns and decors on the tiles and the glass doors. Who would say that halogen lights above the mirror go so well with vintage patterns on these voluptuous red tiles?