Luxurious Home Design by Silberstein Architecture in Bonaire Island

Here the luxurious home design by Silberstein Architecture in Bonaire Island. One more luxurious and comfortable house that will spoil your day, Bonaire house. This modern and elegant house is a result of the creation Silberstein Architecture. Located on the island of Bonaire and equipped with aquatic landscape, this house looks so amazing! The interior and exterior design of this house is taken into account carefully. For the result, these house looks very beautiful and comfortable. Color selection and matching furniture is made with white domination. In the living room, cozy bright yellow sofa with the orange color variations bring warmth and relaxed impression.

Houses with large doors that conceptual

A house with a large door that is conceptually located in Australia, the exterior is very beautiful house overlooking a beautiful park that was built by simple elements .. It is articulated over steel beams running parallel with the house and the plywood soffit provides a warm honey glow. Because owners of the house are landscape Decorators, Such a combined entrance with garden make-overalls house exterior looks very warm and beautiful.

Calabash Pendant Lamp by Komplot Design

This lamp has a resemblance to a bottle gourd shape with India. “a direct function of the lampshade is to contain” light. “Calabash Pendant Lamp. made ​​of polished aluminum and lacquered rotating mirrors. form of soft organic Calabash with characteristic” waist “that it is a suspended sculpture with a double convex mirror surface reflects the entire room at once “Available in four modern finish – silver, gold, red and black. Calabash Pendant Lamp was designed by Copenhagen-based design studio Komplot Design.

Lamp Chair Made From Fluorescent Material by Manfred Kielnhofer

This is a great idea, a fluorescent glass capable of being a chair. If we consider, very fragile glass neon lights. A German designer Manfred Kielnhofer able to make a neon lamp into a beautiful seat, we like sitting on the light. In designing this seat,designers combines neon lighting with plexiglass material that has the extra strength to withstand the load so that the fluorescent lamp is protected from all the stress and impact. Plexiglass tube shaped like elongated and arranged to form a chair. Fluorescent lamps placed in a hole between the tubes. Light produced by a blend of two materials is what makes this chair so unique that can be a perfect attraction in all situations.

House with Modern Contemporary Aesthetic

This modern house called the West Hollywood residence designed by (fer) Studio. This house located in the hills above Sunset Boulevard with 180 degree views of Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Brentwood below. The goal of this extensive remodel and addition was to capitalize on the spectacular views and thereby maximize the natural light throughout the two-story home. To achieve this, the home was reoriented West, with the sun-soaked master bedroom facing South, overlooking the backyard pool area and the Wilshire corridor beyond. This housing concept approach to South East Asian expression with a modern contemporary aesthetic. The approach was to incorporate rich natural materials, indoor-outdoor living and create dedicated areas to display the owners vast collection of artifacts. The exterior of the home is enveloped in red mangaris exterior wood cladding; indoor and outdoor spaces flow into one another through retractable doors, full height glass walls, and harmonized materials. Artifacts are peppered throughout in display nooks, on axis, and as focal points.

House 200 Square Meters

 Kazuyuki Okumura a Japanese architect designing a house with an overall minimalist exterior and interior. in use are steel and concrete during has transparent glass walls, and house ventilation is a natural fit environmental conditions, plus it is also a natural timber for the added comfort of its inhabitants.

Apple’s Beautiful Retail Stores

In 2000, Apple (under Steve Jobs) decided they needed to completely rethink their retail strategy. They no longer wanted to be dependent on other retailers to sell their products and yearned to offer customers a unique experience. For this they put together a team of retail/architecture experts and embarked on a journey to design the perfect store. It was much like designing a product – they built a prototype first and iterated designs until they were happy. Teams involved in the design of Apple’s retail stores around the globe now include Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Eckersley O’Callaghan, Eight Inc.Gensler, and ISP Design, Inc., together with Apple’s in-house design team. Though Apple’s decision to build their own stores was viewed as a gamble in 2001 it is now considered as one of the success stories of the industry. These stores now epitomize Apple.

15 Romantic DIY Thanksgiving Flower Decor Inspiration

Here are 15 romantic DIY Thanksgiving flower decor inspiration. Thanksgiving is coming, it’s time to decorate your dining room and some parts of the home become more warm and friendly. Thanksgiving decorations will be more complete with the addition of a bouquet of flowers or candles for the romantic decorative atmosphere. You can arrange your own decorations without having to pay expensive to go to the florist. You can use the creation of interest in home gardens by following a few tricks. Daisies, rose, lilies, dahlias, tulips, or sunflowers can be used. The combination of flowers with fruit or dried leaves can be an option. Arrange in such a way that it looked lovely to taste. You can change the flower vase with wooden beams, pumpkin, ceramic, plate glass, or baskets. Adjust the color of flowers you have. Flowers and decorations of dried leaves or plants can also be used to decorate around candles, but make sure the flame of a candle does not burn. Now you are ready to present your home the feel of thanksgiving to easily and pretty.