10 Small Things to Do at Home This Summer

You are in your
holiday home or you decided to have ‘staycations’ (‘stay at home + vacations’) this summer? there is no such
moment like holidays to make all this decoration handiwork you don’t have time
to do during the rest of the year. Here you’ll find 10 ideas to add to your
checklist of the summer! Your house will get better looking and you can start
the year on the right foot. 

1. (Re)Paint a wall, a door or a piece of furniture

paint holidays

You have been
thinking about painting your bedroom walls 
for months? You keep saying the
dining room table needs to be modernised? Stop waiting and start painting! You
have all you need: time, good weather (or almost), and
you’ll be able to aerate all day long. Summer is a good time for creativity…

2.      Hang  your frames, ceiling lights and wall lamps which
have been lying around for months

fabric framed
Bare bulbs,
empty walls… Take the time to hang your frames, your wall lamps and change the
position of your furniture. You’ll feel like you live in a new home.

3.  Let’s fix it! Replace the
bulbs, level your leaning shelves

Every morning you
wake up with this shelf leaning. It’s been a year now since your wardrobe is
jammed? Take 5 minutes to lubricate the wheels, replace the kitchen spotlight
and fix all those things which don’t work right. 

4.  Find a sewing machine to make
cushions, curtains, household linen and more!

do-it-yourself cushions
You have meters
of nice fabric sleeping in the deepest shelf of your house? Find a sewing
machine and make cushions or curtains to adorn your sofa or your windows. How
to do it yourself? Nothing easier, you can watch this tutorial for cushions or this one for curtains

5. Give your furniture a new life

changing the fabric or repainting some furniture is enough to give it a new
life. This old chair for example, became in a few moves a unique designer
piece, so stop hesitating!

6. Transform or redesign a room

transform your ceiling

Your attic or
your storeroom is abandoned? Take time to reorganize the space better by tidying
it. Your attic might become a guest room and you might even want to turn yourcloset into an office.

7. Put your things into order and
tidy your home

wooden boxes ideas
You don’t know
where to begin? Start with the 5s methods of our Japanese friends:
  1. SORT: Get rid of what you
    don’t use anymore and throw what’s useless. Donate what cannot be sold (Emmaus,
    Popular Assistance…) and sell what’s left (ebay, yard sales…)
  2. STABILIZE: Tidy and
    organize your space, use pieces of furniture and tidy tips (see this article full of good ideas).
  3. SHINE: Take advantage
    of this time to clean the room entirely
    organize your things by creating an intuitive system: e.g., keep at hand the
    things you use daily. Put in another room what you don’t use every day and
    place the rest in height or in your garage…
  5. SUSTAIN: Keep up with it! Pile up your T-Shirts, keep
    your hats in your shelf and your socks in the drawer.

8. Look for Second-Hand & Garage Sales

garage sale

by a yard sale? Go and have a look at it. You might find golden opportunity at a bargain. So-called “garage sales” are usually way more interesting in the summer than
during the rest of the year.

9. Customize old/cheap pieces

stylished foldable chair
 camping chair by Mat & Jewski

Once you found
some interesting objects, try to customize their look to give them a fresh start.

10. Do your major purchases (take
advantage of summer sales)

but not least, take advantage of summer sales and discounts to make your major
purchases of decoration before the beginning of the year.

summer picture seaside
Have a nice summer J

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